Language Development Program [ 5 to 12 years]

The Activity Learning Centre System gives children the opportunity each day to learn and development their individual skills and knowledge. Activity learning centers can meet all developmental areas based on child initiated activities. They are able to work with a wide variety of materials that are available based on their skills, development, and most of all their interest.

Activity Learning Centres serves as true tools for learning by:

Providing a wide range of experiences to accommodate a wide range of
* Interest and development meeting child's greatest need for movement, manipulation and expression
* Offering a rich environment with child-directed activities
* Integrating learning occurs continuously, providing reinforcement of skills and
* Information offering learning experiences that re active, concrete and relevant to the child
* Allowing adults to observe and work with children individually or in small groups.

Course is designed for:

Students have very few oral skills
* The English sound system is new to them, and they comprehend little of what is said in English
* Beginners may demonstrate various levels of oral and literacy skills in their primary language.

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