About Play-way curriculum

Introducing Play-way curriculum for the accessibility of the Parents who are interested in the Play-way method [A mix of Montessori + Traditional Method], a nearby School, a place where children can socialize with their peers and adults-the teachers and to have a school routine for their kids. Montessori methods of Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial and Cultural Activities with basic concepts only will be used for this curriculum. English and Math would be taught in the traditional Preschool method.


The toddlers get introduced to the concept of classroom, school routine, socializing with peers and adults, taking care of one self, sequencing and ordering activities which help them to have self-discipline. Activities include the introduction to the Capital letters, Numbers 1 -10, Colours and Shapes recognition and sorting, Fine motor skill activities like lacing, threading of beads etc, Sensorial and Environmental Science , Pre – reading and Pre-writing readiness, Structured/Un-structured play.


Pre-k Children would be introduced to writing the Capital letters [A to Z], Numerals 1-15. They also get exposed to the Sensorial and Environmental science activities in immense depth.


Lower Kinder Garten Children will have fun in learning the Language [sounds of the alphabets] and Maths [tens and units, after and before concepts] using various play methods to understand the concepts. Also, would be writing Aa-Zz and cursive small letters in English, 1-20 in Maths, Environmental Science.


Upper Kinder Garten Children will be exposed to 3-letter word families, Sight words and Reading Small Sentences in English, Numerals from 1-100 and Skip counting in Maths, Introducing Second Language, Environmental science in depth by using various play-way materials.

Common to both the Montessori and Play Way curriculums

Montessori sessions from Mondays to Thursdays, Prayers, Rhymes, Circle time according to the age group, Cultural/Role-Play/Show and tell/Story telling sessions on Fridays, Structured and Unstructured Plays, Sports Day and/or Annual Day celebrations. Both the curriculums would concentrate on Children’s overall development by making them Self-confident, Self-disciplined, independent future citizens.

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