Montessori Education is the education system developed by the educator Dr. Maria Montessori for the kids between the age group of 2.5 and 6 years. This approach provides complete independence and freedom of expression to the kids within the framework of the defined syllabus. The Montessori approach has been accepted worldwide including the schools in India.

Pre Montessori

Fun-filled activities like Circle time, structured and unstructured play-time to help the toddlers to get accustomed to the school environment.

They get introduced to the concept of classroom, schooling and socializing with the peers and teachers.

The activities designed are to help them understand memorizing and get them introduced to language and numerals, phonemic awareness, thematic concepts of everyday science, life skills like buttoning, zipping, etc, pre-writing and pre-reading skills.

Montessori I

The kids get introduced to Pre-reading/Pre-writing skills, writing the alphabets and numbers , counting and thematic based concepts of environmental science.

Montessori II

The kids of Mont II would be writing alphabets and numbers till 100, learning to frame 3-letter words and getting introduced to form 4-letter words.

They will be exposed to backward counting, missing numbers, skip counting also in Math.

They will also get introduced to number names. Children will be exposed to everyday science and cultural studies with Geography, Zoology, Botany etc.

Montessori III

The kids of Mont III would be writing cursive alphabets and learn numbers 100 and beyond.

In language, they will be able to make/read a sentence, creative writing and introduction to Grammar.

In Math, they will be exposed to the facts of addition, subtraction operations and Introduction to multiplicaition.

Land and Water forms, lifecycles and Parts of would be covered.

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